Tuesday, March 31 – 6:00 p.m. – Skywarn training at the EOC in Manitowoc – right across from the Sheriff’s Department.  For more information, check out the link below:



Our next regular monthly meeting will be held on April 13 – at the Red Cross on 8th street in Manitowoc.  Meetings begin promptly at 7:00.

Agenda items include:

Update on relocation of W9RES station & meeting place

Field Day plans (join with Sheboygan?)

Scenic Shore 150 Bike Tour – July 18-19 – they are looking for volunteers to provide amateur radio support

Bring your HTs – let’s talk about simplex, reverse, and crossband operations.  Experienced hams can share tips on diagnosing problems when your HT isn’t doing what it’s supposed to!










Notes from the last meeting…………..

Monday, March 9, 2014

Travis KB9YRC has a meeting scheduled for Monday and is working toward finding a new home for the W9RES station equipment as well as a meeting place for our group.  Anne KC9UHH and Bob KC9HBA brought along some of their CW equipment for a little show & tell.

Yogi WN9Q shared some satellite operation tips and show us the equipment he uses and explained some of the software involved. Dongles, chipsets, elk antennas and software defined radios – Yogi gave us a taste of it all. Here’s more information:

AmateurRadio.com (@amatradio)

Interested in getting into #RTLSDR? Check out this quickstart guide to software defined radio and #hdsdr lucashayas.com/journal/2014/1… @LucasHayas

 The next URL is the HDSDR home page:


 The next URL is the Amazon page that shows the RTL-SDR that is demonstrated.


 The final URL is a catch all set up page for both SDR# and HDSDR.  It sounds complicated but if you follow instructions and don’t skip anything it all works.  Of course the one word of caution is “ignore the ads and make sure that you always press the correct download button”.


Thanks again, Yogi, it was AWESOME!!!!!






USS Cobia Activation – November 2015


here’s a video of our last Nuclear Plant drill – starts at 45:45







Field Day 2013 – See pictures below……..

cropped KC9WII

Mike, KC9WII enjoying his first Field Day


Mike, KC9HQV trying out our 2m setup

Mike, KC9HQV trying out our 2m setup

a chilly start for us and our guests


Anne, KC9UHH on 20m


something new this year, operating on 2m

something new this year, operating on 2m – John NZ9Z at the radio, Mike KC9HQV and one of our many guests who stopped by

showing off our new banner



New Repeater

******Our new repeater is up and running******

Set your radios to 146.895 with a PL tone of 100.0.




2012 Field Day

.Manitowoc County ARES/RACES members enjoyed views of the Mariner’s Trail on Lake Michigan when they participated in the 2012 Field Day Event on Saturday, June 25.   Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air ham radio event  held annually in the US and Canada.  On the fourth weekend of June of each year, radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.

Some hams will treat the event as a contest, while others may use the opportunity to practice their emergency response capabilities.  It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Amateur Radio to the organizations that Amateur Radio might serve in an emergency, as well as the general public.

Manitowoc members operated on 20 and 40 meters, and logged a total of 101 contacts during their one-day event.  Portable antennas were erected on site, and radios were operated using emergency power, generated from the Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle.  Relatives and friends visited during the day and enjoyed a pot luck supper on the lakeshore.

Click on the pictures below for a closer look or click here and scroll through the SLIDES.


Field Day 2012 at the Wayside

Setting up the Portable Antenna

Mike KC9HQV making a contact (QSO)






Dan is ready for the picnic supper – Mike KC9HQV is operating in the background


Tower Project Completed

The new tower and HF beam have been installed at the American Red Cross in Manitowoc. A big thank you to the team of volunteers who helped install the tower and the beam. To learn more about Manitowoc County ARES/RACES infrastructure, click here.